Plumbing Service Plans


Tietze Plumbing specializes in RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING repairs and maintenance for all plumbing needs. We can implement an annual service plan that may be purchased at an annual cost. This service plan is a preventative, proactive plan that assists customers in budgeting to help maintain and prevent large plumbing problems and cost.

Tietze Plumbing Service Plan Includes: 

Two visits per year. One in the fall and one in the spring. With this savings plan, our customers will be placed on a preferred customer’s list. All customers will receive regular rates (never overtime rates after hours or on holidays), and a 10% discount for any repair that may be needed. Backflow tests (standard price $110.00) for preferred customers on this plan are at a discount rate of $60.00 per year. This savings could cover the cost of the plan.

Spring & Fall Services will include:

  • Inspection of water softener
    • Inspect water softeners for leaks and effective use of energy and salt
  • Inspection of all drains
    • This inspection includes the kitchen, lavatory, tubs showers and sewer for maximum flow
  • Inspection of all Toilets
    • Technicians will inspect water closets for maximum flow, wear & tear, lime build up and leaks
  • Hose Bibb & Faucet Inspection
    • Technicians will inspect outside faucets for leaks and wear on packaging. Faucets and Bibbs will be turned on and off for inspection of proper turning and ease in handles.
  • Inspection and detection of possible leaks
    • Technicians will inspect under cabinets and check water supply lines, stops, and P-traps for leaks.
  • Check Water Pressure
    • Water pressure needs to be lower than 80 PSI so all fixtures can work at optimum performance. High water pressure can cause pipes and connections to leak or burst.
  • Inspect Water Heater(s)
    • Inspect vents and gas lines to make sure they are up to code and functioning properly.
  • Flush out Water Heater(s)
    • Water Heaters need to be flushed out every six months to prevent sediment build-up.

Our service plans are priced according to the number of water heaters you have.
    1 Water Heater - $205.00 Annual
    2 Water Heaters - $252.00 Annual
    3 Water Heaters - $347.00 Annual
    4 Water Heaters - $395.00 Annual